Denny's To go 20% Discount on All Menus-For a Limited Time
Half price of children's menu continues!

Denny's has a 20% discount on all menus when ordering takeaways. Limited time until May 10th. Half price of To go of 3 children's menus in progress will continue.

At Denny's, "To go limited children's menu 3 items half price" was implemented from March 21, and "Omurice" and "Hamburg Curry Doria" were also discounted by 100 yen from April 7.

Furthermore, in response to the user's request for "adult menus," all menus were hurriedly set at a 20% discount when ordering To go. The purpose is to make it easier for people who cannot "occasionally eat out" due to the recent social situation to enjoy the taste of the restaurant at home.

The following three types of menus will continue to be half price. All three types are limited to 3 per person, and do not need to be accompanied by children.

Okosama lunch Normal 484 yen (tax included, same below) → Half price 242 yen Okosama hamburger Normal 484 yen → Half price 242 yen Okosama curry Normal 376 yen → Half price 188 yen

We recommend that you check the official website for the latest information on business days and hours of each store.