Yoshinoya's beef bowl delivery free shipping campaign
Delivery "free shipping" campaign by Yoshinoya!

With more opportunities to eat at home, the Yoshinoya is conducting campaigns for people who use various delivery services. If you order at "Demae-can", the shipping fee will be discounted, and if you order at "Uber Eats", you will get one potato salad in addition to no shipping fee. Limited time until April 19th.

At Demae-can, a "free shipping campaign" is underway, where you can save up to 420 yen on shipping when you order beef bowls. It can be used at 328 stores that support the Yoshinoya's "Demae-can Sharing Delivery".

Yoshinoya's beef bowl delivery free shipping campaign!
Uber Eats with potato salad

Uber Eats is also running a "free shipping fee campaign". It can be used at 428 stores covered by the Yoshinoya Uber Eats service. Also, if you order the campaign target menu during the period, "potato salad" will be included.

The menu with potato salad is as follows. "Gyudon", "Butadon", "Beef rib bowl", "Karaage bowl", "Rizap beef salad", "Unadon", "Curry". If you choose Lizap beef salad, you can combine the main menu with salad and the side menu with salad.

Please note that the shipping fee for both Demae-can and Uber Eats varies depending on the purchase price and region.