Fruit Tea Juteme 4 Kinds Set

The non-caffeine fruit tea "Juteme" is on sale at Lupicia, a tea shop in the world. A lineup of 6 types filled with the deliciousness of fruits. You can also buy it at the Lupicia online shop.

◆ Juteme

The "Juteme" series, which is a combination of French "Jet'aime" and "Jus", is a fruit tea that is particular about blends and ingredients. Using fruits and herbs carefully selected from all over the world, they are blended to maximize the original sweetness of the fruits.

"Fruit Tea Juteme 4 Kinds Set" is a set where you can enjoy 2 cups of popular 4 flavors each. It comes in a cute package with flowers and fruits designed. It comes in 8 bags and costs 1,200 yen.

Fruit Tea Juteme 4 Kinds Set

One bag of leaf tea is for one cup (150 ml). If hot, soak in boiling water for about 5 minutes. In the case of iced tea, put 10g (0.35oz) of tea leaves and boiling water (150ml (5.07us fl oz)) in a pot and steam for about 5 minutes, then put the tea leaves in another pot with 150g (5.29oz) of ice while rubbing and mix.

Fruit Tea Juteme 4 Kinds Set

◆ I drank it

・ Juteme Elegan
Ingredients are dried apple, dried strawberry, hibiscus, dry blueberry, rose red, fragrance, and citric acid. The bright red tee is as gorgeous as it looks. The sour taste of strawberry and hibiscus spreads. Perfect when you want to refresh.

Juteme Elegan

Juteme Safflower
Ingredients are sugar-pickled yuzu peel, dried apple, sugar-pickled blood orange peel, dried mandarin orange, lemon myrtle, safflower, acidulant, and trehalose. Every time you eat it, the refreshing scent of citrus will come out to your nose. The sweetness of the sugar-pickled fruits is also pleasant.

Juteme Briyan

・ Juteme Misty
Ingredients are dried apple, dry blueberry, hibiscus, dry cassis, rose hip, blue mallow, rose red, and fragrance. The mellow scent of grapes fluffs when you bring your nose closer. It has a strong blueberry and cassis flavor and is sweet and sour. A wine-like aftertaste with a slight astringency at the end.

Juteme Mistyk

・ Juteme Mignon
Ingredients are dried apple, dried pineapple, hibiscus, rose hip, rose buds, pink pepper, marigold, fragrance, and citric acid. Fresh sweetness that fills your mouth. Pink pepper accents the tropical scent. The dessert after the meal looks good.

Juteme Mignon

"Juteme", which has a gorgeous fruit flavor, is also attractive because you can enjoy the arrangement. It is also recommended to divide it with fruit juice or carbonic acid, or add mint or honey. Since it is non-caffeine, you can enjoy it in various scenes from the morning when you want to wake up crisply to the relaxing time at night without worrying about the time.