Tokyo Banana World "Tokyo Banana Supporting Funny Box"

From the Tokyo souvenir brand "Tokyo Banana World" developed by Grapestone, "Tokyo Banana Supporting Funny Box" is urgently sold at the official online shop.

The "Tokyo Banana Supporting Funny Box" is a special box packed with a total of 200 million yen worth of sweets from affiliated brands that have lost the opportunity to be eaten due to a state of emergency.

Popular sweets from affiliated brands such as "Tokyo Banana World", "Sugar Butter Tree" and "Kamakura Goro Main Store" are packed with Dawn for a total of 10,000 yen or more, and 8 boxes or more are packed together for a price of 5,400 yen (5,400 yen). tax included). It is a BOX that becomes "Wow!" When opened. Free shipping anywhere in the country.

In addition, the "request" from Tokyo Banana is as follows.

・ The sweets we can deliver will change each time, so please leave the contents of the assortment to the shop.
・ There may be two boxes of the same sweets, but I will do my best to set as many sweets as possible.
・ Some products may have a shorter expiration date than usual, but please forgive me. Since it is a sweet made with great care, I hope that as many people as possible can enjoy it while it is still delicious.