Shinei Foods "Muscle Gyoza Veggie"
With soy meat instead of meat!

Gyoza "MUSCLE GYOZA Veggie" containing soybean meat instead of meat is on sale. A vegetable menu that does not use animal ingredients.

Shinei Foods of Nagano Prefecture, which mainly handles commercial gyoza for supermarkets and mass retailers, is a new product of the "Muscle Gyoza" series, which is separately developed as its own brand. It is sold on the direct sales site,, and Rakuten Ichiba, and the selling price is 1,980 yen (tax included, shipping included) for 40 pieces per bag.

Shinei Foods "Muscle Gyoza Veggie"
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Originally, the Muscle Gyoza series uses wheat bran for the skin to reduce calories, fat, and sugar compared to normal Gyoza from Shinei Foods. For bodybuilders, strength trainers, and people on a diet.

In the past, chicken fillet was used as an ingredient, but soybean meat has been adopted for the new "Muscle Gyoza Veggie". This is a popular ingredient for vegetarians, as it is made by squeezing soybean oil, heating and pressurizing it, and drying it at high temperature.

Compared to regular gyoza, it has 34% off calories, 50% off sugar, and 40% off fat. No animal ingredients are used, but the soybean meat has been carefully selected so that it has a gentle and mellow taste with a Chinese style and you can enjoy the texture.