"Fluffy Wonton Noodles in Sakata" at Kourakuen
Yamagata Prefecture is "Sakata's Fluffy Wonton Noodles" that reproduces the taste of Sakata's ramen

Kourakuen sells "Sakata's Fluffy Wonton Noodles," which features seafood soup and wonton. It is a cup devised so that you can enjoy the taste of "Sakata Ramen", which is popular in Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture, in other areas as well. It will be available until July 8th.

The price is 740 yen (tax included). This is the first local ramen project of Kourakuen for the purpose of regional revitalization, and was created with the cooperation of the group "Sakata Ramen Thinking Group" by Mayor Itaru Maruyama of Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture and the ramen shop owner in Sakata City. Was done.

Sakata's ramen dates back to the early Showa period, and the soup is mainly soy sauce-flavored, with little fat and a refreshing richness. Like a port town, seafood stock such as flying fish, dried bonito, dried bonito, dried sardines, and kelp are used. In addition, animal-based soup stock such as pork knack and chicken stock, and vegetables such as shiitake mushrooms and green onions are added, and the umami is entwined. 80% of the noodles are homemade noodles.

Image of "Sakata Ramen"
This is Sakata ramen. It ’s soy sauce and seafood broth.

This collaboration menu is a collaboration menu in which the Kourakuen side went to Sakata City and received full supervision from the Sakata Ramen Thinking Group, and the local taste was reproduced over several months. The soup is made with abundant dried sardines and flying fish, and is characterized by the delicious taste of condensed seafood.

For wontons and noodles, the ingredients and cooking methods used in authentic Sakata ramen are used to give the taste and texture. As a topping, like the collaboration menu "Hirata Farm Collaboration W Char Siu Men" which was popular in 2019, char siu using Hirata Farm's Sangen pork is placed.

Sakata's fluffy wonton noodles will appear at all Kourakuen stores in Japan, but we recommend that you check the official website for the latest information on the business dates and times of each store.