Fujiya's chocolate "Thirty One Chocolate (Popping Shower)"
Thirty One's popping shower will be chocolate again this year!

The popular flavor of Thirty One Ice Cream, "Popping Shower," will be sold again this year as Fujiya's chocolate, "Thirty One Chocolate (Popping Shower)." A dish that you can enjoy a crackling texture. It will be available from April 14th.

Thirty One's popping shower was introduced in 2000 and is a popular flavor that will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2020. Collaboration chocolates sold by Fujiya will also appear every year.

Fujiya's chocolate "Thirty One Chocolate (Popping Shower)"
With pink and green crushed ramune

The estimated price of Thirty One Chocolate (Popping Shower) is 141 yen (tax included), and contains 12 tablets. Two layers of soda ice cream flavored white chocolate and milk chocolate, reminiscent of the taste and appearance of an ice-popping shower.

White chocolate contains pink and green crushed ramune. The crackling texture, which is the biggest feature of the popping shower, is also reproduced.

Not only can you enjoy it as it is, but you can also enjoy it even if it is chilled or frozen. The package is a slim sack type that can be easily carried. As usual, it is handled at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.