From the "Sou Jun Cafe Style Pudding Flavor" and "Sou" series

Lotte's "Sou" brand will release "Sou Jun Cafe Style Pudding Flavor" on April 13th. The estimated price is 140 yen (excluding tax).

"Sou Jun Cafe-style pudding flavor" is a custard pudding flavored "Sou" that contains bittersweet caramel jelly in ice cream with a strong egg-like pudding flavor, which is the image of a traditional hard pudding. The pudding ice cream uses the special egg "Egroyale (an egg that enhances the flavor of the ingredients that match with a refreshing taste while having richness and sweetness)", and you can feel the taste of the egg firmly.

The caramel jelly, which is small but has a strong sweetness and bitterness, is studded throughout to give it the taste of custard pudding.