Tohouen "Mask Neko Manju Koronyan"

"Mask Neko Manju Koronyan" is on sale from the Japanese sweets shop "Tohouen". The price is 950 yen (tax included) for a set of three.

Maneki Neko Manju is a sweet that was completed by seeing the Nora cat playing in the side streets of the store and expanding the concept. It is a sweet that incorporates the cuteness and individuality of cats, as well as the sturdiness of mischievous Nora cats. There are 7 types of calico, tiger, sabatra, sabitra, Russian blue, white, and black, and 2 types of fertilized paws. The children have a unique finish.

"Mask Neko Manju Koronyan" is a Japanese confectionery that is handmade one by one with the idea that "I hope you can have some time to feel better" now that the coronavirus is prevalent.

It was named "Koronyan" because of the desire to "defeat the coronavirus as" Koronyan "" when the cat was sleeping with "Goron" when it was called "Goronyan". .. The flavors are Tora Neko (Tsubuan), Russian Blue Neko (Koshian), and Black Neko (Kurosu An).