KKD "Basque-style cheese cake"

"Basque-style cheesecake" and "Lemon rare cheesecake" will be on sale from Krispy Kreme Donuts. The price is 240 yen each (excluding tax). For a limited time.

"Basque-style cheese cake" is a donut inspired by the popular "Basque cheese cake". A ring donut made of soft yeast dough is filled with rich cheese cream. The surface is coated with pudding-flavored chocolate, and a line is drawn with caramel chocolate and topped with cheese cubes. Finally, the surface is quickly roasted to add bitterness, so that you can enjoy the richness and aroma unique to "Basque cheese cake".

KKD "Basque-style cheese cake"

"Lemon Rare Cheesecake" is a donut with the image of a rare cheesecake. The fluffy dough is stuffed with a rare cheesecake-like smooth cream, and white chocolate and refreshing sweet and sour lemon napage are layered on the surface. Accented with milky white chocolate lines and studded pistachios, the "sweet and sour" lemon and the "freshness" of rare cheesecake are a perfect match for this donut.

KKD "Lemon Rare Cheesecake"

It will end as soon as it runs out. In addition, the release date is undecided due to the influence of coronavirus (as of April 9, 2020).