"Arabiki Sausage & Chips" at Ministop
A combination of X French fries and sausages!

At Ministop, "Arabiki Sausage & Chips", which is a combination of the popular "X French Fries" and 100% pork and juicy "Arabiki Sausage", will be on sale. From April 3rd, it will be available at each store in Japan.

The selling price is 237 yen (tax included), which is the price at the reduced tax rate of 8% that is applied when you take it home. A standard tax rate of 10% will be applied when eating and drinking in the eat-in space inside the Ministop store. The calorie is 373 kcal.

100% pork is used as the raw material for sausages, which enhances the taste and makes it juicy. The epidermis uses natural sheep intestines, so you can enjoy a crispy texture. In combination with X fried potatoes, which go well with each other, it is also delicious.

"Arabiki Sausage & Chips" at Ministop
You can order and then fried

You can change the taste by adding the attached tomato ketchup if you like. In addition, since the final processing is done in the in-store kitchen after receiving an order, it is also a feature that you can enjoy freshly fried food. It is expected to appear at all Ministop stores on April 10.