"Tirol Local Tour" Series 2020

Tyrolean Choco will release four new products in the "Tyrolean Local Tour" series on April 6th. The price is 130 yen for each bag of 7 pieces, and 5,200 yen for 40 bags of "Tirol Local Tour Display Set" (both tax excluded).

This is the second year of the local brand collaboration project "Tirol Local Tour". New works include Funawa's "Imo Yokan" and Samsung's "Yoitomake". The lineup is as follows.

・ Good and bonus (Samsung)
Uses a refreshing sour honeysuckle-flavored chocolate. For a richer taste with Haskap sauce. Castella flavored to reproduce the texture of castella.

"Tirol Local Tour" Series "Good and Make"

・ Imo Yokan (Funawa)
Imo-flavored paste and potato-flavored bean paste wrapped in potato-flavored chocolate. The raw material for sweet potatoes is Funawa.

"Tirol Local Tour" Series "Imo Yokan"

・ Yatsuhashi (Honke Nishio Yatsuhashi)
Reproduce the Yatsuhashi dough with grainy gummy and Yatsuhashi-flavored chocolate. The raw material for the cinnamon powder contained in the product is that of the head family Nishio Yatsuhashi.

"Tirol Local Tour" Series 2020 "Yatsuhashi"

・ Red potato tart (sweets palace)
Red potato paste, tart chocolate, biscuits wrapped in red potato chocolate. The raw material for red food is that of Okashi Goten.

"Tirol Local Tour" Series "Red Imo Tart"

The collaboration Tyrolean sold last year was also highly reproducible, the "Tyrolean Local Tour" series. Check it out if you like Tyrolean!