Sandwich type futon "Sabuton"
(A part of the image is quoted from the official Subway website)

From the sandwich chain "Subway", a sandwich-type futon "Sabuton" has appeared.

"Sabuton" is a sandwich-type futon for modern people who is a little short of vegetables and sleep, with generous subway technology. Warm bread, fresh and crispy vegetables, special ingredients, and a delicious sleeping experience sandwiched between them are realized. It is an uncompromising futon that is particular about the deliciousness that you can eat.

Sandwich type futon "Sabuton"

I was caught between the train doors, between my boss and my subordinates, and when I caught my mouth in the story of a person, I caught my bad mouth in my ear ... Even those who are negative about the experience of being pinched can surely enjoy the surprising "experience of being pinched".

In addition, side menus "Float Eye Mask" and "Anko & Mascarpone Neck Pillow" are also available as dream companions. The service "Morning Awakening Coffee Guatemala Delivery Subscription Style", which thoroughly pursues the commitment to Guatemala, sets the time you want to wake up, and when you set the time you want to wake up, you can get a subway coffee using 100% Guatemalan coffee beans from your nearest Guatemala. One will go to deliver.

Subway "Float Eye Mask"

Subway "Anko & Mascarpone Neck Pillow"

Subway "" Morning Alarm Coffee Guatemala Delivery Subscription Style ""

* Today (4/1) is April Fool's Day