Kenta original drink "lemonade" & "lemonade soda"

"Lemonade" and "Lemonade Soda" are on sale at each Kentucky Fried Chicken store (excluding some stores).

"Lemonade" is an original drink that uses lemon juice from Sicily and has a refreshing aroma and moderate acidity, which goes well with "original chicken". In addition, "Lemonade Soda", which is made by adding carbonic acid to "Lemonade", will also be released. The price is 200 yen for S size, 240 yen for M size, and 280 yen for L size (all including tax).

Kentucky Fried Chicken original drinks "Lemonade" and "Lemonade Soda" are perfect for the coming season when it gets warmer. How about checking the compatibility with the original chicken?