Shiseido Parlor "Summer Cheesecake (Lemon)" and "Summer Hand-baked Cheesecake (Lemon)"

Shiseido Parlor will release "Summer Cheesecake (Lemon)" and "Summer Hand-baked Cheesecake (Lemon)" on April 25th. Limited period and quantity.

"Lemon" is one of the most popular cheesecakes that are sold every season. It features an elegant acidity and a smooth melt of rich cream cheese. Limited edition items that give you a sense of the season are also recommended as souvenirs.

The stage of the package is the city of Ginza, which has reached the summer. A moga (modern girl) in a cool outfit is meeting on the street where the willow leaves sway. A delicious story of lemon spreads on the elegant letters.

Shiseido Parlor "Summer Hand-baked Cheesecake (Lemon)"

"Summer Cheesecake (Lemon)" is a cheesecake with a rich lemon flavor, which is made by adding lemon peel to biscuits made from wheat flour from Hokkaido and lemon paste to thick cream cheese from Denmark. It will be even more delicious if you eat it after cooling it. The price is 999 yen for 3 pieces and 1,998 yen (tax included) for 6 pieces.

Shiseido Parlor "Summer Cheesecake (Lemon)"

"Summer hand-baked cheesecake (lemon)" is a cheesecake made by kneading Danish cream cheese with abundant domestic lemon peel and carefully baking each one. You can enjoy the richness of cheese, the refreshing acidity of lemon, and the bittersweet harmony peculiar to lemon peel. The price is 2,970 yen (tax included).

Shiseido Parlor "Summer Hand-baked Cheesecake (Lemon)"