"Hello Kitty Monaka" from Kurian Flavor Hall
A little on the edge of the cup

"Hello Kitty Monaka", a collaboration sweet with Sanrio, is on sale at the Japanese sweets shop "Kurian Fumido" in Obuse, Nagano. It is a cute figure that can be placed on the edge of the cup.

"Hello Kitty Monaka" from Kurian Flavor Hall
Cuteness that fits various vessels

A shop that has been open since the first year of the Genji era (1864) in Obuse-cho, which is famous for chestnut sweets. In addition to chestnut sweets that are typical of Obuse's chestnut sweets, such as chestnut yokan and chestnut kanoko, Monaka, a PR character from Nagano Prefecture, is being sold.

This time, the monaka in the shape of Hello Kitty appears. The skin and bean paste are separate, and when you eat them, you can combine them into one so that you can always enjoy the aroma of freshly made bean paste.

The crispy monaka, which was specially baked in the Kaga region, which is famous for its monaka, is combined with homemade chestnut bean paste or red bean paste from Hokkaido.

"Hello Kitty Monaka" from Kurian Flavor Hall
Hello Kitty Monaka (Chestnut bean paste)

"Hello Kitty Monaka" from Kurian Flavor Hall
Hello Kitty Monaka (Azuki)

The selling price is 397 yen for "Hello Kitty Monaka (Chestnut An)" and 378 yen for "Hello Kitty Monaka (Azuki)". The calories are 90kcal and 96kcal, respectively. The stores that handle it are as follows.

Kurian Fumido Main Store Kurian Fumido Karuizawa Store
Sanrioworld GINZA 2F
Hello Kitty Japan DiverCity Tokyo Plaza
Hello Kitty Japan Tokyo Sky Tree Town Solamachi
Sanrio Gift Gate Asakusa
Sanrio Gift Gate Ueno Store Sanrio Puroland Entrance Shop
Hello Kitty Japan New Chitose Airport Store Sanrio Gallery Kyoto Store Harmony Land
JR Hakata City Pasona Hello Kitty Smile

In addition, it is also available for purchase on the direct sales site of Kurian Fumido.

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