Neko Neko Cheese Bread Omotesando

A new store of cat-shaped bread specialty store "Neko Neko Bread" will open on April 1st in Omotesando, Tokyo.

Neko Neko Bread is sold with the same name as the store name, which is shaped like a cat's face. No water is used, and milky dough prepared with milk is used. It is also characterized by the sweetness derived from wheat produced by Hokkaido wheat and the soft and chewy texture. In addition, honey, fresh cream, and butter are used to create a slightly sweet and flavorful finish.

Neko Neko Cheese Bread Omotesando
The decoration is also fun

The product lineup is plain, chocolate, azuki, and cheese. The price is 500 yen for one plain and 680 yen for the others (excluding tax). Separately, limited-time flavors may appear.

* Prices may vary at special event stores. * Aiming for zero culling of cats, 1 yen will be donated to the Animal Welfare Center for each "Neko Neko Bread" sold.

In addition, to commemorate the opening, there will be a campaign where you can get a 30 yen discount on cat bread by posting on Instagram that meets the conditions, and a campaign where you will receive an original clear file on a first-come, first-served basis.

Neko Neko Cheese Bread Omotesando
Clear file design