Cup ramen with sake

I want to adventure once in a while! Introducing 3 recipes for arranging a little addition of "cup noodles" that the En-eating editorial department actually tried. "Chilled Chinese style" and "Yukimi Daifuku" toppings.

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Chilled Chinese style
Add vinegar and sesame oil to Nissin's "Cup Noodles" for a chilled Chinese taste!

Chilled Chinese style cup noodles

If you look up the recipe for chilled Chinese sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, and sesame oil are the main seasonings. Cup noodles have a soy sauce flavor in the first place, so all you need is vinegar and sesame oil. By the way, if you want to add sweetness and richness, please add sugar. I wonder if people who value a refreshing feeling do not have to enter.

Chilled Chinese style cup noodles

Based on the information from the ear that "If you add a little sake to the cup ramen, it will be very delicious", the En-eating editorial department added sake to 5 kinds of cup noodles and checked the taste.

Cup noodles with sake

By adding sake, the depth and richness are greatly increased! The ingredients contained in sake may add umami and enrich the flavor.

Also, when I tried "Maru-chan Red Kitsune Udon" on behalf of other than ramen, the taste was quite good. It seems fun to look for cup noodles that go well with each other while paying attention to the amount of sake.

Red fox with sake

Yukimi Daifuku
"Yukimi Curry Noodle" was a secret (?) Boom on SNS. This is an arrangement recipe that adds Lotte's "Yukimi Daifuku" to Nissin's "Cup Noodle Curry".

Yukimi Daifuku Arrangement of Cup Noodles

With the addition of vanilla ice cream, the overall taste is mellow and creamy. For example, "a little sweet cheese curry"? However, to be honest, it is certain that I feel that it is better to eat them separately. As soon as the ice cream melts, the temperature of the soup drops and the noodles become sloppy ... It wasn't a hit with the author, but a female staff member from the Eating Editorial Department commented, "It's sweeter and tastier!" Likes and dislikes are different, but is it good for the story?

Yukimi Daifuku Arrangement of Cup Noodles

A little addition arrangement that you can enjoy the new charm of the usual cup noodles. Try the combination you care about!