Wine and beer on sale at KALDI
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Canned wine and beer are on sale at special prices at each KALDI Coffee Farm store. The "Let's Kampai!" Campaign is being held until April 23rd.

The Italian canned wine "Chao" series costs 500 yen for two cans. "Rosé" with wild berries and flowers, fruity and dry taste, dry dry white wine "Bianco (white)" with ripe sangria and citrus scents, fruity scent, refreshing sweetness The lineup includes four types of sweet white wine "Moscat (white)", which is characterized by its delicate taste, and "Sangria (slightly foamed)", which overflows with the flavor of fruits with the aroma of berries and oranges.

Italian canned wine "Chao" series
Canned wine "Chao" series

In addition, "Lemon beer" and "Mucho Aloha", and "Balance" wine (red and white) for 550 yen for two bottles are also eligible for special prices. Perfect for drinking at home.

KALDI "Lemon Beer"
Lemon beer

In addition, a 10% discount will be held at the cash register if you buy two or more bottles of wine for three days from March 27th to 29th. You can combine wines freely. Conducted at liquor stores and online stores. Except for sake, shochu, beer, sour, and non-alcoholic wine, 375 ml or more of alcohol is eligible.

KALDI "10% off with 2 or more bottles of wine" campaign