PaPiCO [Adult Plum Gelato]

From the long-selling brand "Papico", which is characterized by its "smooth texture," "Papico [Adult Plum Gelato]" will be released on March 30 as a "Papico / Adult Series" where you can enjoy a full-fledged taste using carefully selected ingredients. Will be done. Estimated price is 180 yen (excluding tax) with 80 ml x 2 bottles.

"Papico [Adult Plum Gelato]" is a rich gelato for adults with a strong taste of the material itself. "Umeshu" is used for the first time as the "Papico" brand, which has been on the market for 45 years, and you can enjoy the adult taste of plum wine as if it were a smoothie.

Fruit juice, puree, and plum wine are all made from Kishu Nanko plums. It is rich and rich, and is finished with a melting sweetness. The clean mouth makes it perfect for evening desserts. * The product contains 0.6% alcohol.