Yoshinoya "Morning beef set"

At each Yoshinoya store, the breakfast menu "Morning beef set" from 4 am to 11 am will be on sale from March 26 (excluding some stores). The price is 398 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

"Morning beef set" is a breakfast set menu with miso soup and a small bowl on "Gyudon Komori". You can choose your favorite small bowl from 5 items: egg, soft-boiled egg, mini salad, natto, and new incense. "Gyudon Komori," which is the core of the menu, is a popular product that has been ordered for about 5.7 million meals a year since it was released in March of last year (2019). By adding 66 yen to the 332 yen "Gyudon Komori", it is a set that comes with miso soup and a small bowl, so it is also a great deal.

In addition to the small size of beef bowl, there are also regular size (418 yen), large size (518 yen), large size (578 yen), special size (698 yen), and super special size (788 yen). It is prepared. Free increase and refills of rice except at some stores. Miso soup can be changed to shijimi soup or clam soup for 93 yen, and tonjiru for 121 yen.

To go is not possible. Prices are different at some stores.