Payang Sauce Yakisoba Ingredients Up
Ingredients, increase in quantity

From the cup yakisoba "Peyoung" series, "Peyoung Sauce Yakisoba Ingredients Up" was released in advance at 7-ELEVEN on March 23. The general release is April 13th. The estimated price is 193 yen (excluding tax).

This is a limited edition product with an increased amount of ingredients for "Peyang Sauce Yakisoba". In addition to cabbage, Kayaku contains char siu (pork), sesame, sea lettuce, and pickled ginger.

Since it is not a "super-large" product, it has a calorie of 563 kcal per serving compared to the "Peyoung Super-large Yakisoba Mashimashi Cabbage" that was released in advance at FamilyMart the other day. However, it seems that the amount of ingredients has been increased, which makes it more satisfying to eat.

In addition, at 7-ELEVEN, "Peyoung Sobameshi Rice Balls" will be on sale from March 24th (excluding some areas and stores). A sauce-flavored sobameshi that reproduces the taste of "Peyang Sauce Yakisoba" and is made into rice balls. It contains cabbage, minced chicken, and pickled ginger, and is finished with the delicious and rich sauce of "Peyang Sauce Yakisoba". The price is 129 yen (tax included).

Neither of them can be passed through if you like Payang.

7-ELEVEN "Peyoung Sobameshi Rice Ball"
Payang Sobameshi Rice Ball