Meito's smooth pudding chocolate flavor sauce

From the "Meito's Smooth Pudding" series, the new product "Meito's Smooth Pudding Chocolate Flavor Sauce", which is combined with "Chocolate" for the first time, will be released on April 6th. The estimated price is 115 yen (excluding tax).

This is the first dish in the history of "Mateau's Smooth Pudding" where you can enjoy chocolate-flavored sauce and pudding mariage. The chocolate-flavored sauce is sweetened so that you won't get tired of eating it with pudding. The pudding with a smooth mouthfeel and the chocolate-flavored sauce are firmly entwined.

The recommended ways to eat it are the "vanilla ice chocolate-style" that freezes the pudding and the "milk chocolate-style" that you can taste by mixing the sauce and pudding.

By freezing the smooth pudding, you can enjoy the crispy texture of the chocolate-flavored sauce and the chewy texture of high-class vanilla ice cream.

On the other hand, "milk chocolate style" is a mixture of pudding and sauce that you can enjoy as a milk chocolate flavored pudding. Try the way you care about eating!