Easy with canned food! Nishin no Tatsutaage (Fried Herring with Tatsuta Sauce) Recipe
This is a recipe for "Nishin no tatsuta-age" using MUJI's "Nishin mizuni". Using plastic bags makes it easy with less dishes to wash.
Material ( For 2 persons )
Boiled Nishin 1 can
the self proper quantity
potato starch proper quantity
sesame oil proper quantity
Fried Nishin Tatsuta" using MUJI's "Nishin Mizuni".

MUJI's " Canned Fish Series" utilizes parts of fish that are difficult to process. Following " Saba Jaga" using canned mackerel, we introduce a recipe for "Nishin no Tatsuta-age" using "Nishin Mizuni Nimi".

Ingredients (for 2 servings)

1 can boiled Nishin (herring)
Ginger (tube is OK) Directions
Potato starch, to taste
Sesame oil to taste

MUJI's "Nishin mizuni" is made from the meat of Nishin, which is in less demand for processing because of its many fine bones that make it difficult to eat. After the herring roe is removed, the meat is boiled in water so that even the smallest bones are easy to eat. No chemical seasonings, synthetic colors or flavors are used. The price is 290 yen (tax included).

MUJI's "Nishin mizuni" (water-boiled herring)


1. put drained well-drained Nishin and ginger in a plastic bag and marinate for about 15 minutes.

Put katakuriko into the plastic bag and sprinkle it over the nishin. Even if it is a little uneven, it is OK.

Plastic bag containing MUJI's "Nishin mizuni" and katakuriko (potato starch)

3. put more sesame oil in a frying pan and brown the Nishin.

Frying pan baking MUJI's "Nishin mizuni" (water-boiled Nishin)

When both sides are well browned, the dish is done.

Fried Nishin Tatsuta" using MUJI's "Nishin Mizuni".

How does it taste?

The outside is crispy and savory, and the inside is tender. There are no fine bones stuck in your mouth that can cause pain, making it stress-free. The easy-to-eat bite-size pieces are easy to eat, and you can't help but keep tucking them into your mouth.

Fried Nishin Tatsuta" using MUJI's "Nishin Mizuni".

Since the shinny is salty to begin with, ginger is all that is needed for seasoning. The fresh aroma is a nice accent. Great as a side dish or a snack!

Even children who don't like fish will be able to enjoy this as if it were meat. You can enjoy various flavors by sprinkling basil, curry powder, etc. on top of ginger.