New work "Coffee shop Komeda coffee shop black honey milk coffee"

Toyo Beverage sells a chilled cup beverage "Coffee Shop Komeda Coffee Shop Kuromitsu Milk Coffee" jointly developed with Komeda. It comes in 290 ml and costs 199 yen (excluding tax).

"Coffee shop Komeda coffee shop black honey milk coffee" is an arrangement menu that adds Okinawan black honey to the classic popular milk coffee at coffee shop Komeda coffee shop. The seasonal menu "Kuromitsu Milk Coffee" sold at Komeda Coffee Shop in January this year reproduces the rich, sweet and mellow taste.

The package is designed with a warm brown color inspired by black honey and coffee, studded with sugar cane illustrations, and a little Okinawan taste added with hibiscus. Coffee place Komeda A frame that resembles the signboard of a coffee shop is used to create a Komeda-like appearance.

Komeda's "Coffee Shop Komeda Coffee Shop Black Mitsu Milk Coffee" is perfect for "a little breath". It is finished in a relaxing taste that you can relax not only during rest time but also between housework and work.