Starbucks coffee jelly customization

At each Starbucks store (excluding some stores), you can enjoy "coffee jelly" toppings for a limited time. The price is +100 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below). It will end as soon as it runs out.

Starbucks original coffee jelly using "espresso roast". The same jelly is included in the new frappe " Butterscotch Coffee Jelly Frappuccino".

New Frappuccino "Butterscotch Coffee Jelly Frappuccino"

It looks delicious to add to any beverage, but with the theme of "exhausting coffee", I tried two types of customization that will make you enjoy the charm of coffee more!

■ Espresso Affogato
Add coffee jelly to the bittersweet and sweet "Adult Frappuccino" and " Espresso Affogato Frappuccino"! The price is 530 yen (short size) + 100 yen, 630 yen.

"Espresso Affogato Frappuccino" coffee jelly customization

For Frappuccino, we used wristlet shots (coffee beans extracted with 3/4 of the amount of hot water in the same amount as usual) to take advantage of the strong bitterness and aroma of espresso. Brown sugar is added in the same way as the standard Italian way of drinking espresso.

"Espresso Affogato Frappuccino" coffee jelly customization

The rich and refreshing bitterness of espresso, the firm milk flavor of the cream and the smooth melting of the mouth. The plumpness and bittersweet flavor of coffee jelly are added to it, and the sweetness is improved! It is a perfect cup for an "adult snack" that is not too sweet and has a pleasant bitterness.

"Espresso Affogato Frappuccino" coffee jelly customization
Coffee jelly on the bottom of the cup

■ Coffee frappe
Coffee jelly and espresso shots are added to the creamy frozen beverage "Coffee Frappuccino", which is a blend of coffee and milk with ice! The price is 400 yen (short size) plus 100 yen, plus 50 yen, 550 yen.

"Coffee Frappe" coffee jelly customization

By adding an espresso shot, it has a rich flavor and an adult taste. The combination of refreshing, bittersweet Frappuccino and coffee jelly creates a beverage where you can fully enjoy the charm of coffee. It is a combination that I would like people who do not usually drink sweet drinks to try.

"Coffee Frappe" coffee jelly customization

Customize "Coffee Jelly" that you can enjoy only now. Just by adding jelly, the volume and bitterness will increase, and you will feel luxurious. It will end as soon as it runs out, so if you are interested, check it out as soon as possible!