Noodle Noboru God's Hand "Sakura Ramen"
I've eaten cherry ramen!

I tried the March and April limited menu "Sakura Ramen" at "Men Noboru Shin no Te" in Shin-Koenji, Tokyo. Both the noodles and the soup are cherry-colored spring-like cups.

Noodle Noboru God's Hand

Noodle Noboru God's Hand "Sakura Ramen"
"Noodle Noboru God's Hand" at Shinkoenji, Tokyo

Menshojin no Te is a few minutes east of Ome Kaido from Shin-Koenji Subway Station. There is an easy-to-understand goodwill on the south side of the street, so you can easily find it.

The inside of the store sits side by side at the counter. Rubbing alcohol for customers is prepared at the entrance, and it is also a device to maintain hygiene.

Sakura ramen

Noodle Noboru God's Hand "Sakura Ramen"
Spring toppings such as clams, cherry leaf-wrapped local chickens, and cherry-fu

The price of Sakura Ramen is 1,200 yen (tax included). The noodles and soup are cherry-colored, and the toppings are seasonal with cherry blossoms and spring-related ingredients.

There are a lot of "Sakura leaf rolls of sauce-pickled local chicken", "Sakurafu", "Rape blossoms", "Petal Yurine" and "Hamaguri", which are made by dyeing the edges of the lily root in a light scarlet color to make it look like a petal.

First of all, the one in the center of the bowl is Sakura Fu. It is a cute fu that has been shaped into petals, and has a taste that makes you feel the taste of soup.

Noodle Noboru God's Hand "Sakura Ramen"
Sakura Fu. When you smoke and chew the soup, the umami overflows.

Then clams. The large shells are open and the body is fully contained. When chewed, the soup overflows and the shellfish tastes strong.

Noodle Noboru God's Hand "Sakura Ramen"
Clams. Large size

Rape blossoms were hidden under the gray onions. A bright yellow-green color, which is also a vegetable that signals spring. It has a slightly bitter and soft texture, and is well boiled with a slight hardness left on the core.

Noodle Noboru God's Hand "Sakura Ramen"
Rape blossoms hidden under the gray onions! Awakening color

Chopsticks are also extended to the protagonist of the toppings lined up with clams, the grilled cherry leaf rolls of local chicken. I've eaten perilla-wrapped chicken, but this is my first time to cherry-rolled chicken. The crisp cherry leaves give off a fragrant scent that can be described as "baked sakura mochi", and the soft and juicy chicken inside is fragrantly wrapped.

Noodle Noboru God's Hand "Sakura Ramen"
The cherry-leaf-rolled chicken is the king of toppings

The noodles are thick and firm. The soup is in the form of bechamel sauce (white sauce) and is extremely thick, and it can be removed from almost everything by simply squeezing the noodles with chopsticks, so honestly, there is almost no turn for astragalus.

Noodle Noboru God's Hand "Sakura Ramen"
The noodles are thick and firm

The texture of the noodles and soup that are united in the mouth is a cream sauce pasta that is better than ramen. If you taste the toppings such as hamaguri and rape blossoms together, the pasta feeling will be further enhanced.

Noodle Noboru God's Hand "Sakura Ramen"
The soup is like bechamel sauce. The texture combined with the noodles is no longer pasta

Even though the soup has chicken bones and pork bones, it makes me feel like I'm eating Italian, so it's a little confusing, but the balance between volume and good taste is good, and the satisfaction is high. I left the restaurant with the feeling that I had experienced a completely new dish.