FamilyMart and 7-ELEVEN's "Italian Pudding"
FamilyMart's "Neat Italian Pudding" and 7-ELEVEN's "Italian Pudding"

The new dessert " Nettori Italian Pudding " from FamilyMart. I decided to try which one is richer than the " Italian pudding " already on sale at 7-ELEVEN.

FamilyMart and 7-ELEVEN's "Italian Pudding"
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FamilyMart's "Nettori Italian Pudding" has a selling price of 213 yen (tax included, same below) and calories are 273 kcal, and 7-ELEVEN's "Italian Pudding" is 248 yen and 230 kcal.

FamilyMart and 7-ELEVEN's "Italian Pudding"
Both are small in size but heavy

All of them are small in size, but they are tightly packed, and 7-ELEVEN is a package that is placed on a white pedestal and covered with a transparent cover, and FamilyMart is a package that is placed in a white container and covered with a transparent lid.

FamilyMart Italian pudding

FamilyMart and 7-ELEVEN's "Italian Pudding"
Soggy Italian pudding

First of all, I decided to try Famima's soggy Italian pudding. Adding a spoon makes it a little more responsive than regular pudding. But when you scoop it up, you can see that the shape immediately bends and it is not made very hard.

FamilyMart and 7-ELEVEN's "Italian Pudding"
Plenty of caramel

I am convinced when I taste it. It's creamy and heavy, but it has a smooth texture and melts in the mouth.

FamilyMart and 7-ELEVEN's "Italian Pudding"
Surprisingly soft and very creamy

The custard contained in cream puffs is just condensed. In addition, there is plenty of caramel, and the flavor of charred sugar is also very good. It was an impression that the richness was increased while keeping the balance of egg, milk, caramel and vanilla properly.

7-ELEVEN Italian pudding

FamilyMart and 7-ELEVEN's "Italian Pudding"
Familiar 7-ELEVEN Italian pudding

Next, I will try 7-ELEVEN Italian pudding. I've already reviewed it for eating, but 7-ELEVEN's Italian pudding has an unusual and solid square shape, and I feel a strong resistance when I put a spoon in it.

FamilyMart and 7-ELEVEN's "Italian Pudding"
The hardness of omelet

As for its taste, its peculiarity stands out again when compared to FamilyMart's soggy Italian pudding. Not only does it have a deep richness due to the addition of cheese and condensed milk, but the texture is firm and reminiscent of "tamagoyaki" eaten at a sushi restaurant, and the aroma of the egg is very strong.

FamilyMart and 7-ELEVEN's "Italian Pudding"
The richness of cheese and condensed milk is heard

On the other hand, the creamy taste is not so strong, and it has a unique solid texture and texture that is not an extension of conventional pudding.

Even with the same name, Italian pudding, FamilyMart is smooth and creamy, and 7-ELEVEN is solid and solid, which is a very different product, but in terms of richness, it will give 7-ELEVEN a boost. All of them are perfect sweets for hot coffee, so be sure to have them at cafe time in the afternoon.