Giant corn [adult chocolate berry]

From the one-hand type ice cream "Giant Cone" series, "Giant Cone [Adult Chocolat Berry]" will be released on March 23rd. The estimated price is 180 yen (excluding tax).

This is a new product of the "Giant Cone Adult Series". The adult series is a luxurious giant that combines four ingredients, carefully selected toppings, chocolate, ice cream, and corn, and adds a "melting sauce" that is not found in regular products. It's a cone.

Giant corn [adult chocolate berry]

The "Giant Cone [Adult Chocolat Berry]" that will be released this time is a product that contains sweet and sour raspberry sauce in rich chocolate ice cream. You can enjoy a combination of raspberry crunch and bitter chocolate topping, rich chocolate ice cream, and cocoa waffle cone. Contains 200 mg of cacao polyphenols.

In addition, the "Giant Cone" series, including regular products, has a new "Happy Chocolate Drum" on the tail (the tip of the cone) from March 2020. The chocolate is packed to the very tip of the corn, so you can enjoy the "happy feeling" until the end.

Giant Cone [Adult chocolate berry] "Happy chocolate pool"
Happy chocolate pool