Candy apple "white chocolate candy apple"

The "white chocolate candy apple" that the main character ate in the popular drama "Koi wa Tsuruyo Dokodemo (Koi tsutsuzu)" is on sale at the official online shopping site of the candy apple specialty store "Candy apple".

Candy apple candy apples are coated with crispy candy apples that have been completed under the supervision of a chef who trained in Italy. It's not sticky and melts in your mouth in an instant. Apples are delivered directly from Aomori every day, and you can enjoy a crispy texture.

Candy apple candy apple

The "white chocolate candy apple" that the main character ate in the drama is a flavor that mixes white chocolate with a delicate vanilla scent and yogurt with plenty of milk. The price is 700 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Candy apple "white chocolate candy apple"
White chocolate candy apple

In addition to this, the menu includes "Candy Apple Royal Road Premium Plain" (600 yen), which allows you to simply enjoy the original taste of apples, "Pure Cocoa Apple Candy" (600 yen), which uses plenty of high-quality cocoa powder, and a refreshing bitterness. The lineup includes "Uji Matcha Apple Candy" (700 yen), which goes well with sweet candy.

In addition to stores in Daikanyama and Harajuku, they will open for a week from March 26th to April 1st at "Tokyu Food Show Slice" (Musashi Kosugi Tokyu Square 1st and 2nd floor) in Kanagawa and Musashi Kosugi. "White chocolate candy apples" will also be on sale.