Fukuoka limited pink hat Fueki-kun "Strawberry throat lozenge with Amaou juice" etc.

From the popular Fueki collaboration series of the stationery product "Hesobun -HESOBUN-" with "Navel" developed by Heso Production, Fukuoka limited "Strawberry throat lozenge with Fueki Amaou juice" and "Fueki mentaiko sprinkle" are 3 It will be released on the 20th of March. Pre-sale at Hakata Station store "Souvenir Honpo Hakata".

・ Strawberry throat lozenge with Fueki Amaou juice
The fruity throat lozenge with the deliciousness of strawberries is contained in the Fueki-kun case, which is a pink hat limited to Fukuoka. The throat lozenge sold by "Pine" of "Pine Ame" contains the juice of "Amaou", the king of strawberries representing Fukuoka Prefecture. The price is 900 yen for the big size (excluding tax, the same applies below), and 500 yen for the regular size.

Fukuoka limited "Strawberry throat lozenge with Fueki Amaou juice"

・ Fueki Mentaiko Sprinkle "Fueki Nori Sprinkle" series Fukuoka limited "Fueki Mentaiko Sprinkle (mini size)". The price is 600 yen.

Fukuoka limited "Fueki Mentaiko Furikake"

* Both are scheduled to go on sale at the station Naka stores at Hakata Station and Kokura Station from the end of April 2020.