Sushiro "Yomogi Mochito Sakura Mousse Cake"

Akindo Sushiro sells "Sakura Sweets" and "Yomogi Mochito Sakura Mousse Cake" that are perfect for spring. The price is 180 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below). It will end as soon as it runs out.

"Yomogi Mochito Sakura Mousse Cake" is a sweet that you can enjoy Japanese with three layers of sponge dough mixed with wormwood powder and mousse with fertilizer and cherry flavor.

Sushiro "Yomogi Mochito Sakura Mousse Cake"

In order to reproduce "Yomogi mochi" between the mousse and sponge, we use fertilizer with a chewy texture like rice cake, which is often used in Japanese sweets. The mousse, which uses only natural cherry leaves for flavoring, goes well with the scent of mugwort mixed in the fertilizer. Since neither wormwood nor cherry blossoms use fragrance, the natural scent of the material spreads in the mouth for a gentle finish. The contrast between the slightly pink and green colors, which resembles cherry blossoms, expresses the appearance of spring.

In addition, the fluffy and light texture sweets "Royal Snow Cheese Souffle" will be released on the same day. The price is 180 yen. For a limited time.

Sushiro "Royal Snow Cheese Souffle"

"Royal Snow Cheese Souffle" is a cheesecake made with cream cheese from Hokkaido. By slowly steaming it at a low temperature, it has a moist and fluffy texture. For a light taste while giving out the rich taste of cream cheese. It is also perfect as a dessert after sushi.