Myojo Noritama Yaki Udon Dashi Soy Sauce Flavor

Marumiya's sprinkle "Noritama" is now a cup-yaki udon "Myojo Noritama Yaki Udon Dashi Soy Sauce Flavor" is back. It will be on sale from April 13th. The estimated price is 193 yen (excluding tax).

"Myojo Noritama Yaki Udon Dashi Soy Sauce Flavor" was released in 2017 and is a popular product that was very popular and the planned quantity was sold out. To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the launch of "Noritama" in January 2020, this product, which has been requested by many customers, will be reprinted and sold.

The rich soy sauce sauce, which is made by adding a savory roasted soy sauce flavor to the delicious soy sauce sauce of pork and bonito, is entwined with the plump and thick noodles. The finishing touch is the renewed "Noritama". The richness and umami of the egg are even more pronounced, and you can feel the "flavor of the egg" more than ever. Kayaku is cabbage.

Popular for its exquisite balance of seaweed and egg, "Noritama" goes well with rice and is perfect for yaki udon with its sweetness that matches the fragrant soy sauce sauce. Enjoy the novel yet friendly taste.