Matsunoya "Scallops from Aomori Prefecture"

A new menu "Scallops from Aomori Prefecture" will be on sale from 15:00 on March 18th at each Tonkatsu specialty store "Matsunoya Matsunoya" operated by Matsuya Foods (excluding some stores).

The scallops produced in Aomori Prefecture, which are used in Matsunoya scallops, are juicy dishes that not only have umami but also have an outstanding sweetness. In addition to "single fried shrimp (2 pieces)", "loin and fried scallop set meal" with fried chilled pork crispy and fried roasted pork, large-sized fillet with moist and soft texture "Katsu & scallop fried set meal" and "scallop seafood assorted set meal" where you can enjoy the deliciousness of fried shrimp and fried hydrangea at the same time will be released.

Matsunoya "Rose Katsushi & Scallop Fried Set Meal"
Loin and scallop set meal

Matsunoya "Large-sized fillet & scallop fried set meal"
Large fillet and scallop set meal

Matsunoya "Scallop seafood assortment set meal"
Scallop seafood assortment set meal

In addition, during the sales period of the above menu except for the single scallop, "Rice Omori" will be provided free of charge.

The list of tax-included prices is as follows.

Loin and scallop set meal 850 yen Large-sized fillet and scallop fried set meal 1,050 yen Scallop seafood assortment set meal 900 yen Single item scallop fried (2 pieces) 310 yen

All can be taken home. However, miso soup is not included (can be purchased separately for 80 yen). The in-store food and drink and take-out tax-included prices are the same.