FamilyMart "Soggy Italian Pudding"
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At each FamilyMart store, we have compiled a list of new arrival sweets to be released on March 17th! Here are 4 items in the lineup that you are interested in, such as rich pudding with a sticky texture. * Product handling status varies depending on the region and store.

・ Soggy Italian pudding 213 yen (tax included, same below)

FamilyMart "Soggy Italian Pudding"

A pudding that you can enjoy a sticky texture and a rich taste. It features a rich and creamy texture using fresh cream. A bitter caramel sauce that goes well with rich pudding is combined.

・ Rich baked tiramisu 248 yen

FamilyMart "Rich Baked Tiramisu"

Tiramisu with a rich taste, baked with coffee sponge soaked in syrup and milky mascarpone dough. A blend of Hokkaido mascarpone.

・ Earl Gray scented black tea chiffon sandwich 238 yen

FamilyMart "Earl Gray Fragrant Black Tea Chiffon Sandwich"

A dessert made by squeezing custard and whipped cream into a chiffon dough using Earl Gray tea leaves and adding caramel sauce.

・ Spring three-color Japanese sweets 218 yen

FamilyMart "Spring Three-Color Japanese Sweets"

"Three-colored Japanese sweets" containing three types of dumplings: sakura mochi, grass dumplings, and mitarashi dango. Sakura mochi is koshian and grass dumplings are filled with bean paste, both of which use red bean paste from Hokkaido.

In addition, the popular ice cream "Eating Ranch Strawberry " containing sweet and sour strawberry gelato and strawberry pulp sauce is also available. In addition, baked goods supervised by the tea brand "Afternoon Tea" will be sold in the eastern Japan area (the western Japan area will be on sale after March 24th).