Limited edition cans from Aoyama Decabo

Aoyama Decavo

Aoyama Decavo is a sweets brand that offers low-sugar sweets that are both delicious and cute. The tins of the products are so lovely that I couldn't help but "buy a package" of them.

Cinderella chocolate crunch can

The design is an unusual combination of purple and orange, accentuated with a gold rim. On the top surface, which looks like a pedestal cushion, there is a picture book that looks like Cinderella. On the delicately patterned side is a forgotten glass slipper! The product is carefully made down to the smallest detail. The price is 800 yen (tax not included, same as below).

Aoyama Decavo's Cinderella Chocolate Crunch Can
Size is approximately 7cm x 10.5cm x 2.7cm

Aoyama Decavo's Cinderella Chocolate Crunch Can

Inside are five "Beauty Chocolates". These are fruit chocolate crunches made with soy puffs instead of flour, and sweetness (mainly erythritol) instead of sugar, which does not raise blood sugar levels. Two types: orange peel and cranberry.

Beauty Chocolates from Aoyama Decavo

The bitter flavor of cocoa predominates over the sweetness. When you bite into it, the refreshing aroma of orange peel and cranberry spreads. The sugar content is about 2.5g (0.18oz) per piece.

Beauty Chocolates from Aoyama Decavo

Jewel Box Can

A chic navy can with a three-dimensional design of flowers, moon and other motifs. The sides are also decorated with gorgeous jewels. Doesn't it make you feel a little nostalgic, reminding you of the sebo stars you enjoyed when you were little?

Aoyama Decavo's Jewelry Box Can
Size is about 4cm x 16cm x 3.5cm

Aoyama Decavo's Jewelry Box Can

Inside are 5 pieces of "Beauty Chocolates". Price: 800 yen.

Beauty Chocolates from Aoyama Decavo

Beauty Panda Flower Can Pink

This can is a lovely combination of white and pink. The three-dimensional flowers blooming all over the lid will tickle your fancy. With the message "for you," it makes a perfect gift. The price is 800 yen.

Beauty Panda by Aoyama Decavo - Flower Can Pink
Size is about 10 cm in diameter x 3.5 cm in height

Inside are five sablés with the image of an adorable baby panda. The Camembert cheese sablé crumbles to a crisp and spreads its deep richness. It has a mild flavor that I would like to pair with coffee. By mixing dietary fiber into the flour, the sugar content is reduced to about 1.4g (0.14oz) per piece.

Beauty Panda in Aoyama Decavo

This time I got it at a supermarket in Tokyo, but it is also available at Aoyama Decavo's online store. You can also buy it at Aoyama Decabo's online shop, and if you see it at one of their events, be sure to pick it up!

Note: Cinderella chocolate crunch cans and beauty panda cookies are no longer available, only jewel box cans are on sale (as of February 11, 2022).