Matsuya "Cacciatore set meal"

"Cacciatore set meal" will be on sale from each Matsuya store (excluding some stores) at 10 am on March 17th. Prices start at 790 yen (tax included, same below).

"Cacciatore" is a traditional Italian dish that means "hunter-like" in Italian. "Cacciatore set meal" is Matsuya's special "vegetable-rich" tomato sauce with chicken thighs juicy baked on an iron plate, colorful vegetables such as zucchini and paprika, and melty cheese, making it the most delicious Japanese rice in the world. It is finished to match. At the same time, the "Double Cheese Cacciatore Set Meal," which is twice as much cheese as cheese lovers, will be on sale at the same time.

Matsuya "Cacciatore set meal"

To commemorate the release, only if you order "Cacciatore set meal" or "Double cheese Cacciatore set meal", "Rice Omori" will be served free of charge until 10 am on March 31st.

The lineup is as follows.

・ Cacciatore set meal (with rice, miso soup, raw vegetables) 790 yen ・ Double cheese cacciatore set meal (with rice, miso soup, raw vegetables) 830 yen

* Miso soup can be added for 60 yen if you take it home.