Freshness "Avocado Prosciutto Hamburger"

I actually tried the limited-time menu "Avocado Prosciutto Ham Burger " sold at each Freshness Burger store (excluding some stores). Prices start at 490 yen (tax included).

Avocado prosciutto hamburger is a popular product that was released in March last year (2019) and sold over 100,000 meals. Along with beef patty, fresh avocado, prosciutto (raw ham), and sour cream are sandwiched in pumpkin buns with pumpkin.

Freshness "Avocado Prosciutto Ham Burger"
Avocado prosciutto hamburger

Between plump buns, genoa sauce, sour cream, avocado, prosciutto, and fresh vegetables and beef patty. The saltiness of prosciutto, the mellowness of avocado and the moderate acidity of sour cream are insanely matched!

Freshness "Avocado Prosciutto Ham Burger"

The vegetables are fresh and crispy. The refreshing flavor of the fluffy Genova sauce is appetizing. Good, too good. As expected, the burger that sold over 100,000 meals is a waste for a limited time!

Freshness "Avocado Prosciutto Ham Burger"

The sour cream sour cream and basil flavor remain in the mouth, so the aftertaste does not become too heavy and the meal is completed in no time. The taste is perfect, but if you dare to say it, you may feel a little unsatisfactory with just a burger. If you have a lot of trouble, it is recommended to enjoy it with Hokuhoku potatoes. One ponga is thick and has a satisfying taste!

Freshness potatoes

Freshness "Avocado Prosciutto Ham Burger" that you will surely want to repeat when you eat it. For a limited time, check it out as soon as possible if you are interested!