Yamada Udon "Red Punch (Motsuni)"
(The image is taken from the Yamada Udon official website)

Yamada Udon Red Punch (Motsuni)

Yamada Udon (excluding some stores) offers a new menu, "Red Punch (Motsuni)". Prices start from a mini size of 310 yen (tax included, same below).

"Red" is now available on Yamada Udon's popular menu " Punch "! A blend of several types of chili peppers with mala soy sauce, it is finished in a "spicy taste" that rewrites the history of punching 40 years. Uses domestic pigs.

The lineup is as follows.

・ Red punch (motsuni) 470 yen, mini size (130g (4.59oz)) 310 yen

・ Red punch (motsuni) set meal 690 yen A set is 890 yen, B set is 990 yen Rice medium, miso soup, tororo small bowl

・ Compared to punch eating, set meal 670 yen A set is 870 yen, B set is 970 yen Rice, miso soup, tororo small bowl

"Punch Eating Comparison Set Meal", which allows you to compare eating "Punch" and "Red Punch", is also available! Yamada Udon's new menu "Red Punch" is perfect as a snack for sake. Punch fans are a must!

* A set includes tanuki (udon / soba) or colander (udon / soba), and B set includes soy sauce ramen or colander ramen.