Starbucks "Butterscotch Coffee Jelly Frappuccino"

Starbucks will release the new Frappuccino " Butterscotch Coffee Jelly Frappuccino " and "Butterscotch Latte" on March 13th.

In commemoration of the first anniversary of the opening of Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo , "Butterscotch Latte", which is a popular latte in Roastery Tokyo, and Frappuccino with its taste are introduced. The new work I was interested in, the eating editorial department, tried drinking a pair first.

Starbucks butterscotch sauce

■ The charm of caramel!
"Butterscotch Coffee Jelly Frappuccino" is a Frappuccino with Starbucks original coffee jelly using "espresso roast". It goes well with butterscotch sauce, and you can enjoy a coffee experience like a dessert. The price is 590 yen for tall size (excluding tax, the same applies below). Limited time until April 8th.

Starbucks "Butterscotch Coffee Jelly Frappuccino"

Coffee jelly that jumps in at the same time as sucking up! Since it is cut to a size that allows it to pass through a straw, you can fully enjoy the plump texture even after sucking it up. The decisive factor for the deliciousness is the golden butterscotch sauce with plenty of it. The mellow richness of butter and the sweetness of caramel leave a bittersweet finish that leaves a gentle taste on the tongue.

Starbucks "Butterscotch Coffee Jelly Frappuccino"

The richness of caramel that remains even after swallowing is irresistible! It is an addictive cup that you can fully enjoy the charm of caramel until the last bite. If you don't usually eat caramel flavor or are not familiar with butterscotch, please give it a try!

Starbucks "Butterscotch Coffee Jelly Frappuccino"

■ Comfortable bittersweet
"Butterscotch latte (* 1)" is a beverage finished by pouring freshly extracted espresso and barista milk into butterscotch sauce. The price starts from 420 yen for short size. Limited time until June 16th.

Starbucks "Butterscotch Coffee Latte"

Espresso uses "TOKYO Roast (* 2)", which is coffee beans roasted in Roastery Tokyo, to create a coffee experience where you can feel a part of the charm of Roastery Tokyo. The first thing you will notice is the mild sweetness and mouthfeel of foam milk. Then comes the rich buttery and bittersweet flavor of caramel. An adult cup that is not too sweet and you can enjoy a moderate fragrance.

Starbucks' new Frappuccino "Butterscotch Coffee Jelly Frappuccino" and "Butterscotch Latte" with mature taste, where you can enjoy the sweetness and bitterness of caramel in a well-balanced manner. It's a difficult time, but why don't you feel relaxed by the deliciousness of caramel?

Starbucks "Butterscotch Coffee Jelly Frappuccino" and "Butterscotch Latte"

(* 1) Raw materials are different from Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo (* 2) Espresso roast is used at some stores and all stores after April 9th