"Pine Ame Sour Element" made from pine candy
Pine candy for sake!

In collaboration with "Pine Ame", "Pine Ame Sour Element" will be released. It will be on sale for a limited time from March 19th to September 30th.

Sake made by Nakano BC, a sake brewing company in Wakayama prefecture. It has an alcohol content of 25% and contains pineapple juice. The selling price is 1,628 yen for a 600 ml bottle (tax included, the same applies below), and 4,818 yen for a 1,800 ml bottle. Since it is diluted with carbonated water, you can make about 15 cups of sour with a 600 ml bottle and 45 cups of sour with a 1,800 ml bottle.

You can change the strength to your liking, such as 5 times diluting when you want to combine it with meals or when you want to enjoy it refreshingly, and 4 times dilution when you want to get rid of tiredness with sweets or feel more pine candy.

Speaking of pine candy, candy was born in Osaka and has been loved by many people of all ages for over 60 years. It is well known in Kansai, and recently it has been attracting attention in collaboration with miscellaneous goods.

On the other hand, at Nakano BC, "Kishu's pineapple plum wine" was made in 2017, and this time, the pineapple sour base was made by making use of that know-how.

For those who have been familiar with pineapple for a long time, people who are familiar with pineapple can enjoy it, and those who are new to pineapple can feel that "pineapple tastes like this". By stacking, features such as nostalgic sweetness and juiciness were reproduced. In addition, the bottle is designed to remind you of the appearance of pine candy, so that you can recognize it as a collaboration at a glance.