Lotte "Sou Vanilla x Mitsuya Cider"

Lotte's "Sou" brand, which has a crispy texture and a refreshing aftertaste with fine ice, will release "Sou Vanilla x Mitsuya Cider" on March 16th. The estimated price is 140 yen (excluding tax).

"Sou Vanilla x Mitsuya Cider" is a spiral filling of two types, "Sou Vanilla" and ice cream with the image of Mitsuya Cider. The cider part is finished with a refreshing sweetness and a refreshing taste, with the image of a more realistic Mitsuya cider. The vanilla part has a rich yet refreshing aftertaste, which is the taste of "Sou Vanilla". You can refresh yourself by tasting the refreshing Mitsuya Cider-flavored ice cream and the rich and refreshing vanilla together.

"Sou Vanilla x Mitsuya Cider" that you can enjoy the refreshing taste. If you like "Sou", please check it out!