Chateraise "Adult Chocolate Bucky Scorched Butter Caramel"

At each Chateraise store, the new "Adult Chocolate Bucky Scorched Butter Caramel" from the popular ice cream "Choco Bucky" was released on March 6th.

This is a new taste of the popular ice cream "Choco Bucky," which has sold more than 48 million bottles in two years since its launch in March 2018. The sweet and fragrant caramel ice cream with a bittersweet aftertaste is finished with a crispy texture and a sweet chocolate that melts in your mouth.

By mixing chocolate with caramel chips with a crispy texture, you can create two different light textures, chocolate and caramel chips. You can enjoy the rich taste of smooth ice cream, chocolate in it, and two types of caramel, charred butter caramel and roasted caramel.

The price is 86 yen per bottle and 432 yen for 6 bottles, both including tax.