"Queen of Nuts Pistachios" on Thirty One

Thirty One Ice Cream will release the limited-time flavor "Queen of Nuts Pistachio" on March 4th. It will end as soon as it runs out.

This is the number one flavor selected by voting from more than 190,000 applications at the 2019 "NEW Flavor Contest", which recruits original flavors that everyone wants to eat. A combination of pistachio ice cream with scones and butter cookie flavored ice cream with almonds.

Sticking to the flavor of pistachio called "Queen of Nuts", the pistachio ice cream part is said to be finished in a full-fledged taste like "pistachio paste". In addition, the butter cookie ice cream part is tried and errored to bring out the deliciousness of pistachio, and you can enjoy an unprecedented elegant taste with a non-persistent sweetness. In addition, a salted caramel ribbon has been added to the accent.

A new flavor that makes you feel luxurious time with a bite. The reference price is 390 yen for a single regular size (tax included, depending on the store).