New product of the Black Thunder series "Honey Butter Thunder"

Yuraku Confectionery will release the new Black Thunder series product "Honey Butter Thunder" at convenience stores from March 9th, and at supermarkets and drug stores from March 23rd (excluding some stores). The price is 40 yen per piece (excluding tax).

"Honey Butter Thunder" is a black thunder that is a combination of honey jelly-like material and butter-flavored chocolate chips. Every time you chew, the gentle taste of honey butter spreads in your mouth. By blending bran biscuits, it expresses a soft and gentle texture.

The package uses handwritten illustrations with honey and flower fields as motifs to create a "gentle world view" in spring.

"Honey Butter Thunder" has a gentle taste that makes you feel relaxed and springy. It's perfect as a snack when you're a little hungry or as a companion for tea time. Why don't you pick it up when you see it?