Just 5 minutes before bed! Overnight Oats.
Introducing "Overnight Oats," a recipe for a delicious oatmeal arrangement. Just 5 minutes before bed, prepare it, and you've got yourself an easy breakfast!
Material ( for one person ) Cooking time 5minutes
oatmeal 30g (1.06oz)
Yogurt, soy milk, or other milk to taste proper quantity
Dried fruits, cocoa powder, etc. to taste proper quantity
Honey, syrups, sauces, etc. to taste. proper quantity
Arranged recipe "Overnight Oats

Following the previously introduced " Oatmeal Cookie " and " Oatmeal Fried Rice", we would like to introduce "Overnight Oats", an arranged recipe for tasty oatmeal. Just 5 minutes before bed, prepare and enjoy a simple breakfast.

Overnight Oats Recipe

Ingredients (for 1 person

) - About 30g (1.06oz) oatmeal
- Yogurt or soy milk, etc. as desired As desired
- Dried fruits, cocoa powder, etc. as desired
- Honey, syrup, sauce, etc. as desired

Feel free to use any ingredients except oatmeal! Combine any ingredients you like. I prepared plain yogurt, dried fruits (raisins, mango), tea flavored soy milk, frozen berries, etc.

How to make

1. put oatmeal and yogurt or soy milk in a container of your choice and mix lightly.

Arranged recipe "Overnight Oats

2. add dried fruit and honey to taste, then wrap and refrigerate overnight.

Arranged recipe "Overnight Oats

Arranged recipe "Overnight Oats

Arranged recipe "Overnight Oats

3. before eating, add fruit and other toppings.

Arranged recipe "Overnight Oats

The oatmeal absorbs the moisture from the yogurt and soy milk, making it moist and smooth


The oatmeal absorbs the water from the yogurt and soymilk, making it moist, smooth, and moist. You can add more fruits, honey, and sauces to make it more like a sweet treat.

Arranged recipe "Overnight Oats

The author recommends the black tea flavored soy milk! The flavor of the tea and the subtle sweetness go perfectly with the oatmeal. Try it for yourself!