Floresta's "Cinnamoroll Donuts" in limited quantities

Limited-time donuts "White Day Sanrio Chara Collaboration Donuts" will be on sale from each Floresta store on March 1st. The sale period is limited to 2 weeks until March 14th. There are 3 types in the lineup.

From March 1st to 7th, the first character donuts of "Cinnamon" and "Mocha" will appear. Floresta's classic ring donut "Nature" with strawberry chocolate has lovely eyes and cute cinnamon donuts with big ears. The price is 450 yen each (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Floresta's "Cinnamoroll Donuts" in limited quantities

From March 8th to 14th, the second "Cinnamon" and "Cappuccino" donuts will appear in the cup. All colorful donuts do not use coloring agents. You can also enjoy the taste of the ingredients unique to Floresta. The price is 600 yen.

Floresta's "Cinnamoroll Donuts" in limited quantities

In addition, this collaboration donut is also available at the Floresta Organic Store. A limited number of store-limited special sets are available for pre-order.

The stores are as follows.

[Tohoku] Ishimaki R45 store, Selva Terrace store [Kanto] Utsunomiya Heisei Dori store, Koenji store, Soushiya Okura station square store, Gakugei University store, Keio Crown Street Sasatsuka store, Kamakura store, Tokoshi Ginza store [Tokai] Nonami station square store [Kansai] Nara Main Store, Horie Store, Kita Hanada Store, Yao Aoyama Dori Store, Mita Woody Town Store, Suma Kitchen Store (Charman Cafe)
[China] Yonago R431 store [Kyushu] Fujisaki store, Kumamoto Hikarinomori store, Oita store, Oita station Ueno no Moriguchi store [Okinawa] Shintoshin store

* Gakugei University store, Togoshi Ginza store, Nara main store, Fujisaki store, and Shintoshin store are only sold frozen. Normal temperature / frozen sales vary depending on the store.