Kuzefuku Shoten's "Marugoto Shrimp Senbei", "Marugoto Chirimen Senbei", "Marugoto Adductor Muscle Senbei"

Once you start eating, it won't stop! Introducing Kuzefuku Shoten's "Marugoto Shrimp Senbei," "Marugoto Chirimen Senbei," and "Marugoto Adductor Muscle Senbei."

"Marugoto Senbei" is made by baking each material at a special temperature and pressure. No wheat or starch is used as a binder. The price is 390 yen each (excluding tax).

Kuzefuku Shoten's "Marugoto Shrimp Senbei", "Marugoto Chirimen Senbei", "Marugoto Adductor Muscle Senbei"

Whole shrimp cracker
Use whole shrimp peeled meat. One of the rice crackers with a slight redness of shrimp is very thin and delicate. The moment you raise your teeth, it cracks crisply and gives off a strong flavor. No salt is used, but it is slightly salty when chewed.

Kuzefuku Shoten "Marugoto Ebi Senbei"

◆ Whole crepe rice cracker
The whole crepe is used, and it has a crispy and comfortable texture. I feel the bitterness of fish in the umami. Oh, I miss beer.

Kuzefuku Shoten "Marugoto Chirimen Senbei"

◆ Whole scallop senbei
Uses scallops of Itaya shellfish. Each one is a big size that is larger than the palm of your hand. Although it is thin, it has a chewy texture, and the flavor of the scallop spreads throughout the mouth. Even if you sprinkle shichimi pepper, it's absolutely delicious.

Kuzefuku Shoten "Marugoto Adductor Muscle Senbei"

Unlike the deeply seasoned junky sweets, the rice crackers allow you to carefully face the taste of the ingredients. All of them are simple yet addictive. Not only can you eat it as it is, but you can also enjoy arranging it as a topping for salads and natto, or as a rice ball ingredient!