A bright red "hot strawberry pie" on a Mac
Hot strawberry pie and hot apple pie!

McDonald's new fruit pie "Hot Strawberry Pie" will be on sale for a limited time from March 4th. You can enjoy it together with the classic "hot apple pie".

The price of the hot strawberry pie is 120 yen (tax included), which is 20 yen higher than the 100 yen of the hot apple pie.

Strawberries are perfect for spring in terms of taste and color. If you eat a bite of crispy puff pastry, the taste of strawberry filling with plenty of strawberry pulp will spread. The cut strawberry fruits are boiled down and mixed, and you can enjoy the sweetness and moderate acidity.

Apple has been on sale since the founding of McDonald's Japan, and has been popular for its stable taste for about half a century. Plenty of apple filling and crispy puff pastry are a perfect match and are reasonably priced.

A bright red "hot strawberry pie" on a Mac
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The hot strawberry pie is designed in a black package that expresses the taste of "adventure" and the red color of the strawberry filling shines, and the hot apple pie is in the familiar green normal package that expresses the taste of "stable".