Smoke fish mackerel

"Salad fish" is becoming a standard along with salad chicken. Various products are sold at supermarkets and convenience stores, but I would like to introduce the "Smoke Fish Mackerel" that I met at 7-ELEVEN because it was very delicious.

What kind of product?

The only raw materials are mackerel and salt. Greasy Norwegian mackerel is seasoned with salt and smoked with cherry chips. One bag contains a total of 1266 mg of DHA and EPA. The price is 248 yen.

Smoke fish mackerel

[Per 60g (2.12oz) per bag]
Energy 154kcal
Protein 11.6g (0.21oz)
Lipid 11.2g (0.07oz)
Carbohydrate 1.5g (0.18oz) (sugar 1.5g (0.18oz))
DHA 720mg
EPA 546mg

Smoke fish mackerel

What is the taste?

A product that can be eaten as soon as the packaging is opened. The body is moist without dryness, and the more you chew, the more delicious it becomes. The smoky scent that fluffy through your nose is soothing! When placed on a vegetable salad, it is delicious enough without dressing thanks to the moderate saltiness of the mackerel. Not only for side dishes, but also for snacks.

Salad with smoked fish mackerel

Arrange recipe

It is also attractive that you can enjoy various arrangements. Especially recommended is "mixed rice". Simply mix the loosened mackerel and condiments (green onions, ginger, Japanese ginger, etc. to your liking). Onions and ginger refresh the sweet fat of mackerel.

Mixed rice with smoked fish mackerel

We also recommend the "potato salad," which is a combination of loosened mackerel. The smoky scent is transferred to the warm potatoes and it is delicious! It's a nice dish to have at home for an evening drink.

Smoked fish mackerel potato salad

In addition, it seems delicious to put it in bread with vegetables to make a "mackerel sandwich" or use it as an ingredient for pasta. The expiration date is long, so if you have some in the refrigerator, it will be useful in your daily meals!